Monday, April 5, 2010

Moving! Yes, you read it right!

As charming as the bank building is, it has one thing we cant change - it has a small class room! Where we are going to move to the Stroud's building - 114 W. Walnut! The owner of that building is redoing it, and it has a great training area and great light! Our current plans are to move the first part of July!!

Mom and I are excited about this opportunity and we look forward to making a great shop for all our customers! We will be choosing paint colors this week and begin working on repairing and painting our current fixtures!

I just wanted our bloggers to be the first to know! As a special thank you, all of our library fabric is on sale for $6.50 during the month of April! Your special phrase is - 114 West Walnut!

Only Because of His Grace,

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  1. Well, that's exciting! I'll have to scope out the new address so I won't be driving around lost in July. :)

    What is library fabric, though? I'm not familiar with that.