Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving in 3 Days! It is hard to believe!

I cant believe we are moving in less than 82 hours! Are we ready? Well, we are getting there! And I must say the staff is handling it all very well, considering I change the to do list every day!

Right now our Internet is down at the shop, so I am sending this from home! If you are far away and looking for something, please call us and we will tell you if we have it in stock and will gladly give you the sale price!

This week we are working hard to move as much out of the shop as we can!! We have begun the packing of items as we can, but many are having to go on sale big time! So here is the scoop!
  • All notions left are 40% off and more!
  • All patterns and books are on sale from 25% off and more!
  • Lots and lots and lots of fabric is on sale! From $2.50 to $5 a yard! Lots and lots of fabric!
  • All thread is on sale for 35% off!
  • Kits on sale from 25% off to 50% off! Their are tons of them!!!
  • Wool, yes you are reading it right --- and please don't call Kathleen and tell her! All wool that is out is on sale for 50% off.... yes, we have packed up most of the wool, but there is allot on sale --- all the applique 6x8 and 8x12 sizes are on sale!
  • We have cleaned out the closets and found lots of treasures! Come and get them!

We will be closed July 1st - 4th and we will re-open on the 5th with new fabric, new yarn, new wool and new ideas!

We appreciate each one of you and look forward to showing off the new place on July 5th! Please understand it is under construction is why we do not take you over at this time!

Only Because of His Grace -


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