Monday, August 2, 2010

A Wild Week of Traveling with Clarice (mama bear)

Things to remember to take on a road trip! Your camera - check --- whoops forgot the memory card - left it in the computer!

This is a fun new pattern we are working on!
Hello! Clarice and I just returned from our adventures in Kansas ans Missouri and we had a great time! We went from one extreme to another in teachers and shops! Yes, I am going to tell you!

This is some super fun yarn I found at The Studio!

We begin our trip by going by The Studio in Kansas City! What an awesome yarn and needle point shop! It was my first experience in a real knitting shop since we have begun to carry yard! Wow! So many colors, weights, textures!! And of course I had to purchase some and yes, I actually knitted some up!! You can contact The Studio at!

We then stopped by my brothers house (Hotel Moore!) and had a great dinner, played with the little girls and off to Jo Morton Trunk Show! This was my first time to see Jo in person and hear her lecture! Wow! She has a lot of small quilts! Wow! And and another Wow! It was awesome to hear why she washes her fabric! (and not just because she has Asama!) because when you iron it and use steam it will not affect it as much! I found her to be very precise in all that she does and very little is by the seat of her pants! I found out what a great book she writes, it really is well written on how to do the detailed items... i.e. which way to iron the seams, how to make a nice seam, how to applique! Now, did Clarice and I get our quilt top done? Or did we get a block done? Neither! By the time we practiced our back basting applique and worked to put together a block and of course spent time at the Prairie Point shop .... our block is in the Coming Home! and it is not finished! You can find out more about Prairie Point at . I think what I liked best about Jo's teaching style is she is very kind and very passionate about the fact that there is room enough for all quilters. We all have choices, and even if we do not do it her way, it is OK!!

This is what Clarice and I attempted to make! And there was one lady who was well on her way to sashing it when the class was over!!

That night after our class we went to Quilter's Station in Lee Summit for the Primitives Trunk Show! We were thoroughly entertained by Jennifer Keltner from American Patchwork and all the other publications she is in charge of! Besides being very funny, she is full of great tips! We also got to see allot of the quilts that will be coming in the future issues of the magazines! You will want to check out this month's magazine and see what you can do with a bun warmer!

We took a class with Renee Plains of Liberty Star which you see that I am teaching in September! I have attached a picture of what we made, ours will be the same technique but with a different design on the front! It is a sweet sweet keeping journal! We all the supplies on order and will be making our sample for you to see soon!

Our last class at Primitives was with Maggie Bonanomi! Now this is where I know I have been to one extreme of teachers to the other extreme. Jo Morton is completely organized and even knows where her needles are and has them all prepared for each student! Maggie is much more like myself and is still working through the details and I believe her moto is "just make it work!" If you have not had the opportunity to take a class with Maggie and you want to learn wool applique the primitive way she is the girl! Her newest book is due to arrive this week!
After Maggie's class we went to Lawrence to visit The Yarn Barn and Sarah's Fabric Shop! I am still really confused about Lawrence, I lived there for 2 or so years, but I have no memory of anything I saw... I got spinal minajetis while I was there and I know I lost many chucks of memory of my life, but wow! to loose a whole town!! So, now I will remember The Yarn Barn and Sara's! Again it was a visit from one extreme shop to the other! Sarah's carries well over 9,000 bolts of fabric and it is organized, but it is not neat at all! It is just there... when you go to Quilter's Station with over 9,000 bolts of fabric, it is organized and extremely neat!! I loved Sarah's because she had so many of the oldies but goodies! We also picked up some of Amy Butler's Quilted Fabric, Kaffe Fassett's Rayon and some of Amy's decorator weight fabric! We are excited to begin making samples and getting these fabrics in! We want to know what you think of them also!

This is the Rayon from Kaffe! I got enough to make a skirt for myself and we have it on order for you!!
As always, we are pleased to your creative fabric and fiber center!
Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth!

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  1. Sounds like a busy trip but really fun times filled with great memories! So glad that you got to go. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!