Monday, October 25, 2010

New Block of the Month - Garden Gatherings

Here's a picture of Mom (Clarice) and me in front of the new block of the month we'll be starting SOON! It is called "Garden Gatherings" by Cozy Quarters and the wool applique is on fabric backgrounds. Wow! It is gorgeous! We've had so many comments on it already! We'll send out a newsletter to let you know when it is time to sign up, and will post info to the website if you can't make it in.

I just got an email today, telling us we are featured on the home page for Meet NWA -- check it out to see more of our new location, especially if you haven't been in yet.

We appreciate you --

Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth

1 comment:

  1. Mary Elizabeth, reading your blog today loved finding this pic of you and your Mom! I am so excited to see a pic of your purple woolens!!! Trying to wait patiently - went to Goodwill today and found some 100% wool garments - washing them right now! I am soooo ready to work on my jacket but won't til I get some purples!!!
    Looking forward to shopping with you online!