Friday, July 29, 2011

LouLouThi by Anna Maria Horner!

We are so excited to have this wonderful line of fabric arrive in the shop from Free Spirit! The colors and designs are gorgeous and it won't be hard to find a perfect project for using them!

Here is what Anna Maria has to say about this collection:
"The Loulouthi collection is a treasure box of all that I love about flowers and fabric coming together in form and inspiration. The world loulouthi simply translates from Greek as "flower". But in an ongoing story, my cultural heritage has enlivened these fabrics with visions of needleworks in progress, the gentle tending of village gardens, and the luxury of living alongside everyday works of art. The language of flowers and and floral handiwork has spoken to me since before I could thread my own needles, and this collection is my reply to all that beauty."

You can see the whole collection on our website by clicking Here.

Anna Maria also invites you to see her "Visiting Artists" posting -- This was taken from her newsletter:

"Happy Summer Friends!

You are invited to have a walk through our new gallery of Visiting Artists! One of a kinds for Fashion, Art, Home, Family, + Tidbits (everything I love!) are waiting for you.

What is Visiting Artists?

For years I have had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful items created using my fabrics, and I love to help showcase them through my Flickr group. But recently I've been inspired to take it a step farther and not just celebrate the making, but also the maker! So I'm proud to curate an edited collection of goods that are exclusive to my shop. I've handpicked each of these makers to share their collections here because I feel they bring something unique and special to my fabric collections. Whether used heavily or sparingly, each of these amazing designers has translated my textile work into their own vision, and I am so excited to share their one-of-a-kind pieces with you (while they last). We're excited for this to be an ongoing gallery, changing up every few months."

We know you'll enjoy being inspired by this beautiful fabric and artistry!

Only Because of His Grace,

Mary Elizabeth

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  1. Awesome new fabric! The colors are great.

    Thanks for sharing the new line with us. :)

    God bless and keep you,