Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Saturday Sampler" Update!

We're having a great time with our "Saturday Sampler" friends -- on Saturdays and Thursday evenings.

October will bring the 10th month of blocks -- make sure you attend and see the completed quilt top! I hope you're all keeping up and will be ready to assemble your quilt in December. We'll have kits available with finishing fabrics -- accent border and outer border -- or you may choose your own fabrics. The blocks all fit together (no sashing will be needed) so when the 12 blocks are done all you need to do is add the borders.

Just in case you haven't made Block 8 yet -- here is a picture of it (It was left out of the kits).

Let me know how you're doing on this project!
Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth

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