Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 to you and yours!

Kay cleaned out one of her closets, so lots of fun fat quarters are being cut!! We are also creating a fat eighth area for the appliquers of the world! It has been wonderful to touch and feel the fabrics! I got to cut some yesterday from a project we did a year ago from 3 Sisters of touch these lovely pastels!

And as usual in my ADD --- I have decided ADD means Adding Duties Disorder! I start a project which means I see things that lead me to other idea (ok, another word for project!) and then I have the entire shop trashed and no energy to put it back together! Besides the computer project I had to work on these past 2 is what else I have gotten into!

Linen! I love it! I want to make something out of it, wool and cotton...but I am not there yet --- so it is time to let the world know we need to sell it! We have a beautiful selection of cross stitch linen that is on sale for 50% off! We will cut you any size you need! We will keep it on sale for you during January - this is for the linen we have in stock only - sorry!

Cutting this fat eights made us realize we need to plan our Super Bowl Sale! We are going to see a 10 cent increase and more in most of our fabrics, so before we go up we must have a fun event for you! We are doing Super Bowl on Saturday the 16th (yes we know we are off 2 weeks!)! We will have Darlene teaching binding techniques, Amanda teaching how to make a cooooool wool flower pin! And our fat quarters will be on sale for $2.25 and when you purchase 3 you get 1 free! So, you could think of it as a sale on fabric at $6.75 a yard! We will have lots of door prizes and we are ready to spoil each one of you!

Re-doing the ribbon display and seeing what colors we needed!

Working on this great pig quilt! Bev Garside redrew the pigs and made them into razorbacks and has graciously allowed us to put those templates in with this pattern! So, I have been playing in homespun land (which I love and cant find nearly enough of them to satisfy me)! It is a wonderfully fun quilt to try and find the right 20 fat quarters!!

Just when I think it is safe to begin working on the computer system again - Kathleen comes in and starts taking care of one of our wonderful customers! While she is taking care of this customer she starts creating the next girl gang from one of the wonderful Red Wagon Books! By the time Kathleen leaves I have a long list of homespuns that are needed!

Have you met Rheba? If you have not, you are missing one talented lady -- look at this piece! Her first rug hooking class from Kathleen! Now, my first class and all pieces afterwards have not been finished nor were they worthy of finishing! I love it when a beginner makes a better sample then the one we use! If you love wool, this is a great class!

Lynette Anderson's trunk show has arrived and others are coming in! We working with Indygo Junction, Pacific Patchwork, Sue Spargo, and others to have trunk shows come in every other month to inspire you!

January will be a fun month! Beginning Quilting, Sewing, Rug Hooking, Applique.... and so much more all kick off this month again! We are also taking names for Jo's Little Women club! Jo is busy and will only have certain times she can mail us the patterns, so call us and let us know!

In case you have not heard it lately, you are wonderful and we do appreciate you!

Please let your friends and family know we are here!

Only Because of His Grace,

Mary E.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is gone and 2010 is way too close!

December 29th, 2009

You will see by the dates, that I have started and stopped writing just a few too many times this month! I have to admit, I forgot my password and had to have my friend Emily come and help me get back onto our blog! So here I am again!
What is happening in 2010 you ask? Well, let me share with you!!

We are kicking 2010 off with...

A wonderful bag class - the Big or Bitty Bag! It is a rockingly cool bag!

Julie Kiffin will be here to teach back basting applique and hand piecing using Cindy Blackberg's stamps! (and yes, we are working to book Julie all year round!)

Threads that Bind will be here! Yippee! Shawn is a delightful teacher and woman! February 16th & 17th!

Janice Johnson of Wooly Woolens will be here March 11- 13th for a 3 day Rug Hooking Camp!
We are working with Helen Jeffery to come in April and teach how to braid rugs! Oh, I cant wait!

And Lynette Anderson will be here May 14th and 15th! She is an Australian designer, we will be the first to have her in the US! She will be on her way to Spring Market, so we will get to see and learn on her new patterns before anyone else!

All the details are on the website!!

Thank you all so much for your support, friendship and business!!
Only Becuase of His Grace,
Mary E.


Update on The Gathering event in 2010, we have had an incredible response from the teachers, it has been very humbling! In fact, it really made us realized we had better let the world know we exist! We are going to hold off on The Gathering for 2010 and spend our time and dollars on advertising the shop and make sure that in 2011 we are ready to go for it!

December 25th!

Wow! Christmas is here! And it is a white Christmas here in NWA! My daughter has been up most of the last 2 nights asking me if it is time! This is her first year of really understanding that Santa brings gift for good girls and boys! She woke me up at 1:30 to ask if she could see if Santa had been here, I said yes and there were loud thumbs down the stairs and then a squeal of joy! To my surprise Bill had just finished getting it all under the tree!! (you can see how soundly I sleep!!)

The past couple of weeks I have gotten to ask many customers what their traditions are and have learned so much about so many of you! We do not have our own traditions set in our family! I tend to plan it by ear, find out who is going to be in town, who is in need of a home to come too,.... but we do keep one tradition at this point! I have not cooked! This year we ordered from my friend Don DeSpain and are planning on feeding my dad and Linda, and whoever comes by!
I know you are suppose to get wiser as you get older, but I am wondering when my wise-ness will come? What a great year this has been, but what a hard year this has been! Being in the fabric business is much harder than is appears from the outside!! I am kicking off 2010 by giving the program at Pieces and Patches (a local guild here in Rogers) and they asked me to speak on the topic of "behind the scenes of a quilt shop"! Whew, they are about to learn how little I know!!

December 18th -

This month of December has been a month of finalizing plans for 2010, get the calendars updated, the computer programs upgraded, reviewing the lessons learn in 2009...and yes, some dreaming of what we can do with some patterns and fabric and wool oh my!
My step father and his wife are coming this weekend to spend Christmas with us, and yes, there will be food in our refrigerator (thanks to Bread and Butter restaurant) and yes, we will even have presents wrapped under the tree soon! It has been an exhilarating this week watching all the beautiful quilts and projects you all have shared with us that are going away to be someones gift!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving should be ever day of the year...accept for the amount of food that I eat!

November 30, 2009

Good morning to all!

I do hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend time reviewing your blessings in life! Our sermon last night at church was about giving thanks to God is everything all the time! It was a great reminder to me to make sure I have an attitude of gratefulness!
What is happening at The Lair this week?? Many fun things!!
Kay has been getting mighty creative these days and made this sample... it is from a new designer we are handling called Wednesday's Best --- she is primitive and fun! Kay is amazing in her ability to go from Primitive to the most detailed applique bom to tote bags! (maybe when I am 100 I will be able to do one of these well!!)

Then Darlene must have created a couple of more hours in her day and she made up a Simply Nine in the Jo Morton Collection of Stafford County and then a fun ABC quilt!! Both of these are kitted and ready for us to share!

Jo's Little Women Club #9 will start in February, it will be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with Rheba and the 2nd Saturday with Chris Clardy. We are excited about the possibilities of what each person will create with all the wonderful lines Jo has had out (and with another new line coming in December! Yippee!!)

We also had the best time getting Janice Johnson of Wolly Woolen's booked for March - she is a rug hooking teacher and will be getting the final details down on what she is teaching! But we do know she is bringing Julie Kiffin with her and it is scheduled for March 18th - 20th! I brought back some of her patterns for you hookers out there! Also, Rita brought in some new patterns also this weekend!

Then we had the nicest email from Lynette Anderson and she is working on the cost and timing to come to Arkansas on her way to Spring Market! She is a wonderful fun, funky, primitive fabric designer, pattern designer and just plan fun girl! As she tells us more we will tell you more!

Thank you for reading our blog and enjoy the coupon for 20% off of your next purchase at The Rabbit's Lair! The coupon is good for the week of Dec 1 - 7th of 2009!

Only Because of His Grace,
Mary and The Rabbit's (Kay, Darlene, Debby, Susan, Diane, Nedra, Kathleen, Nellie, Rheba) that really make it happen!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Before the Bird Sale in Historic Downtown Rogers!

November 20, 2009

Dear Fabric and Fiber Friends:

Whew what a week it has been! We ended last week with a major power outage and one of our lovely customers (Connie S --- to hide the innocent we will leave off her last name!) was down in our basement! She was so calm and collected and the rest of us were totally freaked out!

What is new! Rheba made up this sample from Juniper and Mistletoe, it is out of all Jo Morton fabrics! Kay has made the cutest samples of new tote bags!

Historic Downtown Rogers is having a fun sale this week! "Before the Bird Sale" in Historic Downtown Rogers! We always want to encourage you to shop in our Historic Downtown Area!
Our sale is:
· 10% off your purchase of $25 or more!
· 15% off your purchase of $50 or more!
· 25% of your purchase of $100 or more!
Percentage off does not apply to blocks of the month.
· All Christmas fabric is 15% off and all Christmas &Autumn patterns/book are 15% off!
· Check out all the patterns in our 40% off containers!
This sale expires November 22nd, 2009
You are appreciated more then words can say - thank you for supporting our shop and being our friends! One of the ways we want to say thank you is: if you are contributing to an organization for it's fund raiser during the season of giving; please let me know - we will be glad to put something special in the gift (yes, I will let you in my stash area!)!
Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth and the rabbits that really make it happen around here!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow! Was today beautiful or what! I am always amazed at how beautiful NWA can be this time of year! Clarice is home and she has us hopping!

Speaking of hopping! We got in the most delightful trunk show from Nutmeg Hare! It is sooooo cute! If you like primitive you will truly enjoy Nutmeg Hare designs!

The Amy Butler trunk show is here, the Count with Maisy fabric is in and mom will be back in the shop making sure we do it right!
Only Because of His Grace - Mary

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Friends of Fabric and Fiber!

Whew! What a great week it is here in NWA! Clarice (my mom) is coming home tomorrow! She is doing great after her knee replacement and is ready to get back to working with fabrics! She is going to love the new Amy Butler fabric!!

Yes, the Amy Butler LOVE is here! It is awesome! Very bright! We already have a great bag made out of it and this bag is so much fun! It can be used for many things!

For those who are reading this post! Tell your friends and if you bring this in you get 25% off your entire purchase! This coupon is good until the end of November 2009!

Thanks for all your support - The Rabbit's Lair is only as good as it's customers!

Mary and the other little rabbits!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our First Blog Message! Wow!

Dear Friends of Fabric and Fiber:

Our first attempt at a blog, and yes I have Wanda right here beside me! Yes, she is very patient!

We are putting the wool out and here are a few shots of it!

Wool is here!! We purchased Diane Gay's wool and it is amazing!

Chris Clardy's son is in need of a heart transplant... Chris is one of our wonderful teachers, customers, friend, and awesome Jesus Freak that inspires us each day! We are collecting for his fund and will have Chris put the funds into his account. Here is a photo from today's newspaper.