Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a Summer!

Five years ago, we bought The Rabbit's Lair.  It was a wonderful shop next to the building we owned that housed Poor Richard's Art.  That was the start of our adventure!
For two years, we enjoyed our home in what had been a bank -- it was cozy and charming, but we were quickly outgrowing it.  We needed more space for classrooms and fabric.  Committed to remaining in downtown historic Rogers, we moved around the corner on Walnut.  This shop had all the light we were missing, plus a wonderful mezzanine for class space. 

We enjoyed both locations and especially enjoyed meeting all the friends we made as we learned about the wonderful world of fabric and fibers.  Mary loved to embroider and create in wool, and Clarice soon found that her passion was knitting.  The front of the shop became the yarn area, but it kept encroaching on the fabric space.  So.... when Poor Richard's Art moved out of their space on First Street, we opened our yarn shop in February of this year and called it RL2

The setting was perfect for all the beautiful colors of yarn -- it sparkled in the original glass cases! 

As much as we loved the new home for yarn, the two shops were in separate locations.  So we had an inspired idea -- why not have them in the same beautiful building!  We moved the yarn to a bright and airy room upstairs and brought all our fabric, wool and stitchery supplies over to the first floor.
Here is a picture taken in the new yarn shop:
The downstairs is filled with the beautiful fabrics we carry -- and our quilt samples are hung high on custom made racks.

The wool has it's own room, filled with samples and shades of wool for your favorite project.
There's lots more to see -- we'll hope you'll visit soon and enjoy the shop as we do!  Stay tuned for more pictures soon!

Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth