Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Customers are so amazing!

What a wild snow storm! 6" to 12" in most places on Sunday and completely gone today!! Wow! Only God can do that!!

I am so amazed how wonderful our customers are! One of our customers (her name is Dale, but don't tell her I am talking about her!) had asked for me to take a picture of Kay's newest creation "Christmas Memories" by Blackbird Designs.... Me? Get something done in a timely manner? No Way! So, I asked her to remind me if I did not do it! She did! Now how awesome is that!! Here some photo's of it! It will begin April 15th! Yes, we are celebrating that day! No need to be sad, it will happen again next year!!

I know when people come in and give us positive feedback, I give my honest answer of great employees, talented sample makers, and a great building... BUT, I need to say AWESOME customers!! Wow!

We have another customer very similar to Dale, yes this one has a boys name also! Michael! She is great to read our newsletters, listen to the radio station, and let me know when I made errors --- and she is really really nice about it!

So, from now on --- I have to say our customers is really what makes this shop awesome!

Thanks to all of you for supporting us!
Only Because of His Grace,
Mary Elizabeth!

Upcoming Events!

We have room for 1 more in our Beginning Sewing Class that starts this Thursday!

Spring Fling Shop Hop! This Thursday Friday and Saturday! We will be doing door prizes all 3 days!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wool! Wool! and more Wool!

Janice Johnson has arrived from The Wooly Woolens Studio and she has brought her wool and patterns!

If you are wool person, this is a delightful time to see some beautiful examples of rug hooking and a great time to get some awesome wools! I am working hard not to just run in the training room and lay in the middle of the wool!
Tonight from 4 to 7 and Friday from 4 to 6 you may come in and see her beautiful work and purchase from her!
Only Because of His Grace,
Mary E