Friday, October 25, 2013

Visit by Kaffe and Brandon!

This past week, we were honored to have Kaffe Fassett and his design partner Brandon Mably visit The Rabbit's Lair! 

Prior to an inspirational trunk show by Kaffe on Monday night, Brandon conducted a knitting workshop called "Concentrate on Color". 

Class members enjoyed Brandon's input on their color selections and knitting expertise.
The same pattern can look so different, depending on color placement!
The next day, it was time for Kaffe's class on the Bordered Diamond Quilt. 
The focus of the class was on color placement, not on sewing technique. 
Individual attention was key -- class size was kept to a size that would allow that.
Everyone agreed that it was a productive day -- and enjoyable!  Wonder when he'll be back this way? 

You know what they say about all work and no play -- that won't happen with Brandon and Ellen around!
If you don't already own one of Kaffe's quilt books, do yourself a favor and choose one!  You'll learn a lot and discover some new creativity!

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